Sponsor School Children in Honduras

Students at Escuela El Sembrador playing basketball

Escuela El Sembrador, School of the Sower, in English, provides education for student from all over the country of Honduras. It is a day school for boys and a girls, and boards over 70 boys.

Kirby and Whitney discussing the best ways to prep the dorm walls for remodeling – or maybe trying to keep their sanity among a team of youth.

In June, Kirby and I led a team of youth and adults from our church to help with dorm renovations and to learn about the ministry taking place there. The dream of El Sembrador is to help shape a culture for Christ by making disciples of these students.

Here, students get a great education, complete with computer and science labs, music and sports programs, weekly devotions, and a work study program to instill discipline and responsibility. The students also learn about agriculture, as a big part of the school is financially supported by El Sembrador’s farm, which contains field crops, a dairy farm, and a pig farm, among other things.

It is a ministry we felt blessed to learn from. The staff, both national and missionaries, wear their hearts on their sleeve. It was so evident to see their love for these students and their desire for them to know Christ fully.

Sunday morning worship with the boarding students in the chapel at El Sembrador

To learn more about El Sembrador, check out their page on World Gospel Mission’s website by clicking here.

To make a donation to cover tuition and boarding costs, or sign up to sponsor a student, which whom you can write letters, click here.







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