Czech Ministry

We have been appointed by World Gospel Mission to serve in the Czech Republic! We will be working in discipleship and evangelism at Remedy Church in the town of Poděbrady.


We plan to serve alongside Czech nationals Tomas and Misha, who planted the church just a few years ago. As the church has grown, the need for walking alongside new believers in Christ has also grown. Many of those who have become Christian have not grown up living in a Christian home or learning from the Bible, so discipleship-helping others learn to follow Christ and obey his teachings-is a big part of this ministry!

We will be support based in our work there, giving us more time for ministry. We have just begun this process of building a support team to go with us into this ministry through prayers, financial support, and involvement. We know that God will use our reliance on support not only to grow us as we trust him to provide, but to grow the families and churches that support us by trusting him to work through their offerings and sacrifices.

We know that God brought this opportunity to us, and we also know with confidence that he will provide to take us there.

God’s desire that none should perish is one that he is growing in our own hearts. We believe he has been preparing us for this role for some time now. It is only with disciplined hearts and the prayers of others that we will thrive in this new role. We are stepping into a country with an incredible Christian heritage that has been repressed by the work of the enemy of God. The Czech republic is a wonderful country with natural resources, kind people, and a stable government and economy. Though the reasons are complex as to why the majority of this nation no longer believes in God, we know that Satan will not make it easy for anyone to pursue changing those statistics. That is why more than anything, we ask for prayer to be steadfast in the truth and grace of God, following him with our whole hearts so that others may trust and believe in Jesus Christ as their savior and king!

“The sun will no more be your light by day, nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.” Isaiah 60:19

The Kingdom of God, which is here in part because Christ has conquered sin and death, is alive in our hearts when we make Christ the King of our life. When Christ is our King, he, himself, will be the very light that enables us to see how to walk this path of life. One day that Kingdom will come fully and all will know that Christ is King and his light will no longer illuminate just in our hearts but in the whole world.

Current Prayer Needs:

  • For the believers at Remedy Church to grow and mature as they lay the foundation for the future of this congregation
  • For Tomas and Misha as they minister to approximately 80 students and young adults on a weekly basis
  • For Kirby and Whitney as they build a support team and prepare for moving to the Czech Republic – including language studies
  • For effective gospel-centered evangelism to reach the hearts of the unbelieving

Financial Needs:

Right now we are looking for 37 families or individuals giving $75 a month to meet our current financial support needs, but any amount makes a difference!

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Map Central Europe
The Czech Republic (also known as Czechia – pronounced Che-kee-yah) is located in Central Europe. The town of Poděbrady is about 45 minutes east of Prague, the capital city.