Eating breakfast in Slovakia with babicka (grandmother to our dear friend, Lenka) hearing her stories of the end of WWII


We enjoy simple things, good food & good conversation, in simple ways. We like to hear people’s stories, and make those moments count. People are what matter in this life. They matter because they were made to matter. There is a longing deep in everyone’s heart for purpose, and we want to help you find it.

We currently serve as the Youth Directors at our church (in addition to our day jobs), where we are growing and being challenged by some incredible teens and the demands of logistics.

In addition to that, we have recently been appointed by World Gospel Mission to serve as Missionary Disciples in the Czech Republic! So, we will soon be leaving our work with the youth at our church here in the States to join the ministry taking place in Poděbrady, Czech Republic. We will serve there for two years in discipling new believers and leading in some of the evangelistic outreach within the community.

Whitney has long had a heart for international missions. Her love for Christ and for experiencing other cultures as the nationals do have fueled her travels. She has currently been to 20 countries.

kirby-in-hondurasKirby cares about people. He gets people in ways in which many of us are oblivious. He wants to see people experiencing real life in Christ. He also loves to cook (he’s excellent at it, too) and to eat.

Kirby and Whitney got married November 9, 2013, after dating for nearly 5 years. But Kirby made up for taking so long by proposing in the garden of the Prague Castle overlooking the city of Prague with professional photographer friends conveniently nearby. Nice work, Kirby.