Journey As One

It seems to me that a lot of stories about marriage are written from an extreme of emotion instead of a neutral state. Either people write when they are at an emotional high in their oneness or they write from a low of struggle. Neither of these ideas or states are bad to write from, but they portray extremes in the reader of expectations. I suppose however that portrayal from the writer is the purpose of writing though. In that sense my take on marriage is written from a neutral stance at this time. I am not on an emotional high or low. Marriage is a grind of life. It is not something you can have all the answers to or figure everything out right now. We as people change over years. When we start off, we are two becoming one. When marriage ends (at death) we are still two becoming one. In that mindset, there is a beauty in the journey! If my wife was completely easy to understand and figure out, where would the fun in that be? If I did everything my wife expected of me, where would the love and frustration mix to joy? Oh the emotions that go into mixing of two becoming one is something only God can understand. I praise God that He does understand though.DSC03261



I suppose one of the things I wanted to convey in this post is that no marriage is perfect. Nor is it supposed to be. If we are never challenged then how are we to grow? If you are not challenged in your marriage then I would encourage you to seek out challenge. Not in a way that would hurt your marriage but in a way to grow each of you closer together. Don’t settle for being able to put up with each other. Marriage is about each of you giving 100% to the other (easier said than done). There will most likely be a time when one half of the marriage is giving more than the other. This is where learning to lean on Jesus Christ comes in. One of the beauties of being a follower of Jesus Christ is that He is alive and is with us in times of difficulty, no matter how long they last. When you are seeking to better your marriage and glorify God in the process, but it is with an unbelieving spouse, Jesus will draw you closer to Him than you thought possible. Oh the beauty of serving a God who understand what we go through! So press on, brother or sister. There is light beside you in the tunnel, just let The Light lead you.DSC03018


One thought on “Journey As One

  1. Kirby I really loved your blog. Can I ask how long have you been one? We will be married for 33 years this years. It seems just like yesterday we said I DO! God Bless you and Never stop praising Jesus.


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