Czech it out!

Brothers and sisters, our God is worthy to be praised! No experience we have in life happens without His knowledge or allowance. We can take hope that He as overcome the world. I write to you now in a coffee shop in Fort Payne, Alabama. I am on my 3rd cup of black Joe. Today I have the opportunity to share with you what God is doing in Whitney and mine’s life. This is for sure a topic that is much more fun to be used in a 1 on 1 setting or living room talk, but being as it may, I am still overjoyed to share it with you now.

Two years ago, Whitney and I attended a missionary conference in Indiana. It was their celebration, and a lot of missionaries from all over the globe were there. God was in their midst and blessed those who attended with conversation and peace of His presents. Whitney and I were honored to attend and were looking for God to move while we were there. We knew that we wanted to do some form of missionary work in the future and we thought this might be how God was going to open a door for us. The week before we went, we accepted a youth ministry role at Whitney’s home church. It was a transition time for the church and we felt God leading us to do so. It was intended that we would be there for around 6 months or so until the church was more stable and found someone for long term. Well, two years later, Whitney and I are still serving in that roll. God has used it to teach and guide us in so many ways during this time. Needless to say, God didn’t open any doors for us while we were at the mission celebration. Which was very odd to us at the time. I mean 200+ missionaries in one place, and no one says “Hey, why don’t you come and serve with us in “blank”?” It wasn’t God’s time. I have no doubt that we are where God wants us to be at this moment in our lives.

During the last 2 years, God has shown us His love for the local church. The church is the bride of Christ and at times is viewed more as the ex-wife of Christ! God will use His church to advance the gospel. Other organizations are great and God uses them for His purposes, but there is something different about His church. God had to remind me of this over the last few years. So in that, brothers and sisters, we have work to do! I urge you to get on board, because God is moving and He will be glorified!

So what does this have to do with “Czech it out”? Well, God has opened a door for Whitney and I to join Him in what He is doing in the Czech Republic! Whitney and I are in the process of moving there for at least 2 years. We are seeking partners for this journey. Not only financial partners but prayer and investment partners! I will attempt to put into words the joy in my heart of being able to invest not only in another country but with those who will be supporting us as we go! asdfiaubfniasdbfaisdbfisbisdbfBBBAAAAAHHHHHH, SOOO GOOOOOOOD. Hmmmm… sounded a lot better in my head than looking at it on a screen. Either way, the point is, Whitney and I are looking for partners in this journey! As I mentioned a bit ago, not just financially partners. These partners are for prayer and support and encouragement. We want the body of Christ to work together to represent a family to a world hungry for community. I believe God can use this step that we are taking to build relationship that can last a lifetime!


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