Reconsidering My Opposition to Trump | The Resurgent

Source: Reconsidering My Opposition to Trump | The Resurgent
By  |  September 21, 2016, 05:36pm

This article really put into words what I have been feeling about this election season. I cannot with a clear conscience vote for Clinton or Trump, but the thing I must remember is that we do not expect them to fix all the problems. No one comes to the office of the presidency without God’s permission. He is in control. That does not mean I condone or support everything either candidate stands for, or even anything that they stand for. But, simply that I start where I am serving the Lord to glorify his name, no matter who is in office, what laws they pass, what kind of justices they appoint, or any other factors in this election. God is aware of what is going on, and He will in no way be diminished by the President of America. What matters is that Christians act like Christians through it all. Let’s be the witness we are called to be.